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Wood Doors Toronto

Custom Wood Doors

At MD Doors we believe that the entrance to your home is more than just an entry way, it is the entrance to your domain, having a beautiful hand crafted pre finished solid wood door done by MD Doors your entrance will transform from ordinary to extraordinary. There is nothing out there that matches the look of a beautiful solid wood door that compliments your home with elegance, warmth and an impressive look and feel of your entrance.

Our solid wood doors are manufactured to the highest quality utilizing top quality Canadian and exotic lumbers and state of the art equipment that ensures the best quality and precision for manufacturing the quality of wood doors that our customers expects from us, we take great pride in every door system that we produce ensuring that every detail is scrutinized by our expert staff.

Every solid wood door system is available pre-finished using the latest European technologies of stains, lacquers and clear coats for a strong and durable finish, we believe that each wood door that we produce should have protection from the elements just as good as wood furniture in your homes with the best finishing and protection technology available to us.

The construction of our unique European wood door systems is second to none and is superior in the market due to the technology of manufacturing and engineering that our team has developed in the past few years. We offer the best made solid wood doors with the highest quality and attention to details throughout the manufacturing process and the final installation of the products.

  • Single Entry Doors

    Single Entry Doors

    A single entry wood door is a configuration in some homes, we at MD Doors offer many different styles and options for customers with a single entry way. Many homes have a single door but with a top transom over the door, by choosing to change your single entrance door we can offer you a custom made wood door that will eliminate the top transom and have one large door that will make the first impression that will last and make the entrance look much grander and impressive.

  • Double Entry Doors

    Double Entry Wood Doors

    A double entry wooden door is common and it is very functional, we offer different styles and options for double entry ways. Our double wood door system features top security and insulation components, as overlapped profiles that increase the insulation and security of the system utilizing double seals and security features that utilizes top European security hardware in all of our wood doors. Some home owners prefer to change the configuration of their double doors into a single door with side lites, our professional staff will consult and recommend the best way to change to a different configuration as requested by the client.

  • Entry doors with sidelites and transoms

    Wooden doors with sidelites and transoms

    An entrance with sidelight and transoms is very functional and great, once you have made the decision to change your entrance you have multiple option regarding the configuration of your door. We can provide you with the best solution in regards to style and functionality, many customers that have transoms and would like to have taller door so their entrance looks much nicer and grand, by choosing wood doors done by MD Doors we will be able to do almost any size doors even if your transom is curved.

Wood Door Features

At MD Doors we believe that paying attention to details such as the finishing, workmanship and craftsmanship, the final products will show the end results to the customer, we care about our customers very much and we are dedicated to provide our customers top quality exterior and interior wood doors that will make the first impression that will last.

Finishing of the wood door properly is very important and critical, We at MD Doors use the leading manufacturer in Europe that produce top quality finishing and wood protection products that will protect you wood doors for many years with minimal maintenance.

The "Renner" wood coating company based in Italy that we use offers a large selection of finishing solution for wood products such as exterior and interior wood doors with the latest technology available to date. Click here to download the brochure

It takes great effort to produce a beautiful hand crafted solid wood doors and we at MD Doors take the extra step of protecting the workmanship and material with the best finishing solution we can find that will make your wood doors look like new for many years.

jambSecurity and fabrication of solid wood doors that MD Doors offers to its customers has superior properties such as overlapping jambs that create twice the insulation properties to current systems, multi locking locks and heavy duty European hardware such as special hinges, seals and security flash bolts.

All of our solid wood doors are engineered with proper fabrication and material selection to ensure that the doors will function smoothly and to prevent defects such as deformation of the doors and jambs due to poor craftsmanship.

How the door with a porch differs from a usual door?

The door with a porch (as it calls a fold) differs from that isn't visible a gap between the door's leaf and box. As you know, wooden door change its sizes under the influence of temperature and moisture. Some customers don't like that gap between the door's leaf and box, and during the installing they ask to minimize it. If the clients persist to installers much, the door, as a rule, won't be closed, during the periods of high moisture. Of course, the client doesn't like it, too.

The door with a porch has good guaranteed gap, which can compensate the most significant drops of temperature and moisture. Only a fold closes that gap. Then it improves the soundproofing. Also a compactor is responsible for the soundproofing in such doors, and besides this, it also allows closing the doors more silently.

What is the leaf with a rabbet and without a rabbet?

The doors with a rabbet, of course, are more qualified, thereafter, they are more expensive, (there is realized an additional operation for manufacturing the porch on the door).

Why do we need the rabbet?

  • First of all the rabbet closes the gap between the door's leaf and box, providing more beautiful design
  • The door's leaf puts on the box better, providing additional soundproofing
  • And finally the rabbet protects from draught and dust.

On the double doors with a rabbet the feigned bar is set on a passive door's leaf, and the crossbars and a mate part of the lock are attached on it.

On the doors without a rabbet are always visible a gap between the doors' leaf and box. During the installation it is almost impossible to put the same gap on three sides.

On the double doors without a rabbet the crossbars and a mate part of the lock are directly attached on the end part of the passive door's leaf.

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Through the Renner Wood Coatings company, we offer a large selection of finishing solutions for wood doors with the latest technology available to date.
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